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Welcome back classmates! Welcome to Liberty High School's Class of 1972 50th Reunion Webpage. Here you'll find information relating to the Reunion and the Class of 1972. It is the intent of the Reunion Committee to use this site and other Liberty High School websites to inform fellow class members of the upcoming reunion. This BASD Nation site includes a way for class members to provide updated contact information to the Committee (by clicking on the Google Form button below). The 50th Reunion invitation will be included once the details have been confirmed (by clicking the Reunion Info button below). The third button, 1970s Yearbooks, provides highlights of the decade provided by Liberty High School yearbooks. Access to these highlights are available to BASD Nation members. The fourth button below links to the LHS Class of '72 Bethlehem, PA Facebook Page. We encourage you to visit this page too!


"Hail to Alma Mater dear! Where we've spent our high school years. Now to Liberty we raise voices to extol thy praise. In thy stately halls we've spent hours with hearts and minds content, now to thee, dear Liberty High in our loyalty we cry:


Liberty High School hail to thee! 

Loyal sons and daughters we,

In the futures as the past,

We'll be loyal to the last. 


Frequently Asked Questions


1. When will Reunion invitations be sent out?

It is not the intent of the committee to do a mass mailing of invitations. We hope that through this web page, interested classmates will provide updated contact information electronically and complete the invitation, once available. The Committee will provide more information as plans become finalized.

2. When will the Reunion plans be finalized?

Committee members are researching available locations and dates, including venue size, cost, and location. It is hoped that plans will be confirmed in the near future. 

3. Where can classmates find Class of 1972 50th Reunion information?

In addition to this site,, classmates can check out the Facebook site, LHS Class of '72, Bethlehem, PA, the Liberty High School 100th Anniversary 1922-2022 site, and the Liberty High School web page. 


Noteworthy stories from the Class of 1972


New Building is an Attractive Addition to LHS

The 1971 school year was made especially interesting and exciting by the realization of Mr. Klein's long-standing dream - the new classroom center. Construction was started in the fall of 1969. By February 11, 1971, the old building had been abandoned (with the exception of the cafeteria) in favor of the classroom center and the remodeled laboratory center. 

It took a while for students to locate their new rooms and to open their lockers without hitting their heads. The use of two buildings meant greater distances between classes. Everyone had to get used to hurrying to get to class on time. But in a matter of weeks, everyone was settles and things were going normally. The beautiful new library, the lounge facilities, the large amphitheater, and the air conditioning all combined to make an attractive, functional addition to the Liberty campus. 


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Contact Information


Questions and/or concerns regarding the Liberty High School Class of 1972 50th Reunion should be directed to L[email protected]


Questions and/or concerns regarding BASD Nation, Bethlehem Area School District, or The Foundation for the Bethlehem Area School District should be directed to [email protected] or visit our Contact Page



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