Meet the Teacher Making Bedtime a Little More Fun!

Miss Hunsicker has been an amazing teacher for eight years now. She is one of those teachers that makes connections with every single student and comes to school with a smile on her face each day. Like most teachers, when the pandemic hit she wanted to find a way to continue to connect with her students even when she couldn't see them in person. 


One night, Miss Hunsicker FaceTimed a friend of hers to read a funny bedtime story to her friend's children. According to Miss Hunsicker, "Once I hung up, I was like, wow this could really be a thing". This lead her to think about all of the children out there who don't have someone to read them a bedtime story each night. With virtual learning, more students have devices at home than ever before. Miss Hunsicker instantly saw an opportunity!

And so began Bedtime Stories with Miss Hunsicker. Every Thursday at 7:30, Miss Hunsicker chooses a different read aloud to share with anyone who follows her Facebook or Instagram. "There are so many amazing books out there and this is another way that I get to share the ones I love! It's important that we start to instill the power and joy of literacy in children again" she says. 

If you would like to follow this amazing woman and share her stories with your own children, follow her on Instagram: @bedtime_stories_with_miss_h or join her Facebook group:

You can also find videos of previous stories on her YouTube channel:

Story by Macaroni Kid

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