Humans of Liberty - Siddiq Small (Class of 2023)

"When I went to Northeast Middle School and would drive past Liberty, I always talked about playing football there and how one day I’d make a name for myself on that field. My freshman year at Liberty, I got to play on the Freshman football team. Then, in August before my sophomore year, I faced the biggest obstacle so far in my life...

I had a seizure. It was very unexpected, and the cause was unknown. This obstacle held me back from my sophomore football season, but I truly do realize everything happens for a reason and that event made me work harder. It also helped me realize to not take everything for granted because something can get taken away from you in a heartbeat. Now as a football captain, I hope to be an inspiration and motivator to younger players. Since I’ve been young my dream has always been to play professional football, just like any other football player. I know that I need to have a backup plan, so I plan on going to college to major in Sports Medicine; I hope to one day be an athletic/ sports trainer for a football team.

My role model is my Dad because although he isn’t perfect, he’s a good representation of a successful, educated, African American man. He’s paved the way because he (and my mother) never showed me what being unsuccessful looks like. One day I don’t hope to be like my father, but to be better than him and take what he taught me to another level"

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