Air Products Salute to Diversity Middle School Award Winner Lynn Vento

The Air Products Salute to Diversity in Education Awards recognize teachers in the Bethlehem Area School District who celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion by sincerely demonstrating a commitment to create a safe and supportive community within their classroom.

Among the many nominations that were received for the award, Laurie Gostley Hackett from Air Products along with a BASD committee including Dr. Roy selected three recipients to include one at the elementary level, middle school level, and high school level. Each winner was surprised with the award at their school. We are excited to share the winners with you.

Our middle school recipient is Lynn Vento, a teacher at Broughal Middle School. She was nominated for this award by her former principal, Rick Amato and Assistant Principals Nancy Zoudeh and Jose Sanchez. Ms. Vento is described as a teacher whose commitment to equity and inclusion is evident in her daily interactions with all members of the school community. Building and sustaining positive student-teacher relationships, coupled with trauma-informed practices, are at the core of her personal and professional practice. She connects with students and parents in school and during the evening to work on assignments. She cultivates a safe and supportive relationship with students and their families.

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