Liberty’s 1961 Baseball Team Remembers it's Finest Season

60 years later, Liberty’s 1961 baseball team remembers school’s finest season! Nat “Junior” Gencarelli insists the record was 18-0. Several of his teammates argue it was 17-0, a fact backed up by Liberty High School’s yearbook.

17-0, 18-0, it doesn’t matter.

No one could dispute the excellence of the 1961 Hurricanes baseball team. The talented squad was undefeated en route to a District 11 championship. And 60 years later, the memories bring smiles and pride to those who played together.

Many of the teammates gathered recently at the school’s baseball field. And while many things have changed over the years, the team’s camaraderie and chemistry hasn’t been affected by the passage of time.

It remains a tight-knit group that can pick right up from where it left off in the spring season that came shortly after the inauguration of John F. Kennedy as president.

 Click here for this Morning Call story by Keith Groller.

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