Liberty Student Asking for Community's Help to Give Opportunity to go to Prom

Liberty High School student Fallon Ingram is taking matters into her own hands this year as she and her friends prepare for their senior prom. But after tickets went on sale, she says the prices were higher than she expected.

“They were thinking ‘oh I might not make it to prom this year because I don't know if I can afford a ticket, and a dress, and a date's ticket,” said Ingram.

After hearing students talk about the multiple expenses that senior year brings, Fallon, who is the student government president, is looking to her community for help so that all seniors will be able to go to prom.

“I sent out a notice to a couple businesses asking for corporate sponsorship and if they'd be kind enough, and posted a similar message just around the community,” said Ingram.

Last year, the junior class was left out of prom due to the pandemic and Fallon says now that they are seniors, they shouldn't have to decide whether they can afford this once-in-a-lifetime event.

“This shouldn't be an issue for our school, we know that we have this community of students that maybe can't afford a ticket or maybe need a little help,” said Ingram.

The tickets are currently $85 a piece, and will increase closer to the date. While Fallon is working on getting the word out, the money received will go into a student scholarship fund to sponsor a student.

Anyone in the community that wants to sponsor a student can write a check and bring it to Liberty High School in Bethlehem.

“We kind of rely on social media for that and hope that the people close to me will spread it, and the people close to them will spread it, and we will ask seniors and we will ask members of our community and hope that the online social media traction will get it around,” said Ingram.


By Chantelle Calhoun

Story by WFMZ 69 News

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