How do I add a profile picture?

How do I add a profile picture to my BASD Nation account?


1. When selecting a profile picture, the image must be smaller than 56KB and shaped in square. If you're on your computer, right click on your preferred image and select "Edit". In the top left of the window, there is a "Resize" option. It would be best to shrink the image down between 30% to 50% from its original size. From this window, you can crop it to exact square proportions too.

2. After creating an account, in the navigation bar, select My Account and Edit Profile.

3. At the very bottom of the page, it reads, "You can also upload a custom profile picture (Image must be square, and can be no larger than 56k.)" 

4. Once step 1 is complete, select "Choose file." through the BASD Nation Edit Profile page. 

5. Click the edited image, and it should upload automatically. Click "Update Info" to save your changes. You can check the profile picture by selecting My Account and View Profile.

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