Five Administrative Retirees Honored

Five Administrative Retirees Honored at May 24, 2021 Regular Board Meeting

At its May 24, 2021 Regular Board Meeting, BASD recognized five administrators who are retiring from the district. All of these administrators have served our district in a variety of leadership roles and have performed their duties with great commitment and a strong devotion to the service of our students. 

Thank you and congratulations!

Michael LaPorta 

8/14/2000 Nitschmann Assistant Principal

7/1/2003 East Hills Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction

7/26/2005 Freedom Assistant Principal

7/1/2007 Freedom Principal

Jill Moran

9/1/1993 Nitschmann Mathematics Teacher

8/28/2001 Nitschmann Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction

7/1/2002 Regional Academic Principal

                      Standards Academy/

                      Middle Prep Literacy Academy

7/1/2010 James Buchanan Principal

Joseph Rahs  (Not Available to Attend)

7/10/1989 Northeast Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction

8/2/1993 Governor Wolf Principal

7/1/1997 Fountain Hill Principal

8/1/2006 Northeast Principal

Deborah Roeder 

9/3/1991 Asa Packer Grade 4 Teacher

9/1/2001 Asa Packer Principal (Long-term Substitute)

9/1/2002 Asa Packer Grade 4 Teacher

8/24/2003 District-wide Mathematics Specialist

7/1/2004 Miller Heights Principal

Carole Schachter

9/2/1980 Donegan Grade 5 Bilingual Teacher

9/1/1985 resigned from District

9/2/1992 Donegan Grade 5 Teacher

9/2/1998 Farmersville (.5) Grade 5/(.5) Reading Recovery Teacher

9/5/2000 Farmersville (.5) Reading Recovery Teacher/

(.5) Elementary Computer Specialist

9/4/2001 District-wide/ (.6) Technology Integration Specialist/

Nitschmann (.2) Science Teacher

(.2) District

9/3/2002 Regional Academic Grade 5 ELA/Technology Teacher

Standards Academy

8/23/2007 RASA Mathematics/Extended Learning Teacher

8/24/2009 RASA Extended Learning/ELA Support Teacher

8/25/2010 District-wide (.5) ESOL Coach/(.5) Center for Language Assessment

8/24/2011 District-wide (.5) ESOL Teacher/(.5) Center for Language Assessment

11/21/2016 District-wide Supervisor of ESOL

"On behalf of the BASD school board and the administration, I congratulate each of you on your retirement after the many, many, years of loyal service to the community of the Bethlehem Area School District. You will be missed," Bethlehem Area School District Superintendent, Dr. Joseph J. Roy.

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