BASD Students Get Backstage Experience at Musikfest

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - A group of students from the Bethlehem Area School District took a summer field trip to the area's largest outdoor festival. Lucky for them, Musikfest is in their backyard.

"It's basically a way of the kids having a chance to see the music biz behind the scenes," said Jack Silva, assistant superintendent of BASD.

The like-minded, aspiring professionals visited the Steel Stage on Sunday.

Black Violin performed for the final night of Musikfest, and the students got to see what goes into making it all happen. "In front of the stage is performers," said Silva. "We have our share of kids and bands here today but also students who are more comfortable behind the scenes with sound and lighting and even the business of music."

"I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity through ArtsQuest and BASD to be able to see all of these musicians, especially Black Violin backstage because I don't know how else I would get to see the inner-workings," said Anna Lazewski, a junior who plays the trumpet.

"It's really cool to see the inner workings of what goes on behind the stage when a concert comes, and also it's great to see live violinist and how they do on stage and what their life is like," said David Broczkowski, a sophomore who plays the clarinet.

Musikfest brings people together, and helping to bring attention to the arts.

"The Bethlehem Area School District and Bethlehem community are one in the same," said Silva. "We are an arts community. We are an arts school district so bringing those together at the largest single event of the summer really makes sense for our kids. It's natural."

Holly Harrar


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