BASD eNews Highlights Candido Lopez

Candido was formerly a member of the STEPS Expansion Class at Freedom High School. He demonstrated tremendous growth that led him to an opportunity to participate in the STEPS 3 program where he obtained full-time paid employment at Moravian University. At Moravian, Candido works at the Star Campus Restaurant in dining services. His employers at Moravian rave about his work ethic, positive attitude, and willingness to grow. The Operations Manager told our STEPS team that she would "take 10 Candidos." He always has a smile on his face and is a joy to be around. BASD is proud of Candido!

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  • Ashley Hoops
    commented 2023-01-30 02:23:21 -0500
    hello my name is ashley and I’m 28 years old, I live in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and I live with my mother/my grandmother and my crabass of a great grandmother