Aileigh Mulligan was Selected to Attend the Keystone Girls State Honors Program

Liberty high school senior Aileigh Mulligan was selected in May to attend the Keystone Girls State Honors Program, sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary of Pennsylvania during the week of June 19.

Keystone Girls State is an academically rigorous summer program that simulates Pennsylvania's government on the local, county, and state level. Its purpose is to educate female high school seniors from across Pennsylvania It also includes a visit to the PA State Capitol where she had a special meeting and tour with Representative Samuelson (Class of Liberty, 1979). During the week, Aileigh was elected to Superior Court Justice and was chosen as the Outstanding Citizen Award from her peers and the leaders at the program. She also was selected by the Board of Directors to be the recipient of the Keystone Girls State Scholarship of $500 at the conclusion of the program. Great work, Aileigh! You make us all #BASDproud

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