Abhinaw Rangarajan

Quantitative Researcher, Freedom Class of 2012

Hello, my name is Abhinav Rangarajan.  I am a quantitative researcher at GTS Technologies, a leading market maker at New York Stock Exchange.  I develop algorithms for automated trading and analysis of data. I attended Miller Heights, East Hills, and Freedom High School ('12). 

My areas of interest since childhood have been mathematics, computer science, and finance. At school, I got involved with several opportunities to facilitate my interests, such as taking advanced mathematics courses, and competing in mathematics and business-related tournaments.  While at Freedom, I received the Donley Awards for excellence.  I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Cornell University (’16), and a Master’s degree in Computational Mathematics from Stanford University (’21).  I have interned and worked in companies in the financial industry.  I did some undergraduate research on monetary policy of China and its impact.  At Stanford, I focused my course and research work on neural networks and block chain technology.  In my current role, I get to work on interesting projects at the intersection of math, finance, and computer science.  I encourage students to invest time to learn about different topics.  Once you find a topic of interest, spend time learning more about the field, and try to get some hands-on experience. Seek help from teachers and others to grow your interests.  My family and many wonderful teachers have helped shape my path at every stage. For that I am grateful!

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